student art melted snowmen

The two students that I am choosing to recognize this week both come from a class that has yet to get up on the Artist of the Week board. They are both creative students, and even though they always meet my requirements for our lessons, they often surprise me with how their artwork turns out. These students always try their best in art class. Both of their collages tell a story. In one story the action has passed. The sunsets, creating beautiful colors in the sky, and all that remains of two snowmen friends is melted piles! In the other story the action is happening in the present, as a wizard snowman recites an incantation from their book of spells summoning a fiery volcano to melt their enemy! What amazing stories our art can tell!

Here we see Jackson's melted snowmen under a beautiful sunset sky and Kiera's snowman wizard summoning fire volcano. Amazing!

Congratulations both of you, Student Artists of the Week!