happy mothers day happy mothers day

I am running out of time to recognize my 5th Graders so I think I will recognize two. One of these students is very confident. I really appreciate the way that they are willing to participate in class and speak in front of a group. I love their artwork because of the color theme they chose, using values of pink and purple. I also think the way they chose to use white to make their colors pop, and the line of dots, to be very interesting. The other student I am choosing to recognize is a bit quieter. They can be silly at times, but they are also considerate and think deeply about things. Their artwork has a very different feel. They created a simple and slightly spooky environment by putting their Mother’s Day message on a pink and purple billboard at night with some birds in the distance. I love the feel of this piece!

Congratulations to Elliana Wallace and Dominic Pulliam Student Artists of The Week!