Fall I remember playing football in the fall with my friend, did you ever play football?

The student I am choosing to recognize this week has always been a solid person. In all the time I have known them they have always been respectful to school staff and students. They are responsible in the art room by being a respectful listener, respecting others, and respectfully cleaning up after themselves, often leaving supplies more organized than when they found them. They always do a quality job and finish almost all of their work, something that can be hard in 40 minute art classes that we have once a week. The memory that they are sharing shows a close up, something that few students chose to do. Their postcard is neat and has enough color to feel finished. I like how they chose to show action with motion lines, but I am particularly interested in the line that they made surrounding the drawing portion of their card. It’s so interesting to me! Is it a voice bubble?? I can’t figure it out! Between that shape and the stepped line they put under their text, this simple card has captured my attention. But it also reminds me of an artwork that this student made in the first weeks of this school year, where they took an abstract lesson on repeated lines and shapes and gave it a whole new meaning. Is it a simple exploration of color theory? Or is it a battle between opposing forces??

Congratulations Joey Katula, Student Artist of the Week!

Mr. McGinty

Art Teacher