student art squirrels trees green grass blue sky

Because it’s been a couple of weeks since I recognized an Artist of the Week, I guess I better recognize a couple of student artists to catch up! The first artist can be kind of quiet, they are always seem to be paying attention, and have always been respectful, responsible and safe in the art room. I have seen them demonstrate their patience, persistence, and attention to detail a number of times through the way they make their artwork. I love the careful way they made their very realistic tree, how they used both oil pastel and watercolor to fill their page, and their squirrels look great too! Nice Job Riley Winchenbach, Student Artist of the Week for 11/19/21!

The student artists I am recognizing for the next week I have known for 3 years. These two definitely have their differences, but are also similar in very positive ways. Each of them has made me proud with their amazing behavior, the quality of their work, and their creative ideas many times. Both of them made unique Thanksgiving pages, showing well-made overlapping leaves and also adding their own drawings and designs. One of these pieces has some wild colors and one has more realistic coloring. I haven’t recognized a 5th Grade girl yet this year, and I really couldn’t decide, so I am happy to recognize both,  Jemma Gray and Christie Frith, our two Student Artists of the Week for 11/26/21! Nice work girls!

Mr. McGinty

Art Teacher