January 6, 2021

Good evening,

I know I have sent you dense information recently and I do not want to overload you here. This email serves two purposes: 1.  It contains the arrival and dismissal times for both Cohort A and Cohort B, 2. It contains some general information pertaining to adhering to social distancing.  This information is on page two.

I heard from someone who was concerned about how we are going to be able to keep the kids socially distanced once we go 100%.  

We have established specific rules for traveling within the building. Each homeroom is being considered a cohort.

In the classrooms, all of the desks are at least 3 feet apart in every direction and all desks face forward.   There is a designated teacher space that is at least 6 feet from the students. When an adult must be closer than 6 feet to a student to provide specific instruction, there is an additional barrier in place. For example, a teacher wearing a face shield. 

As a cohort, the students leave the room to go to lunch and to P.E, all other specials occur in the classroom.  P.E. is taking place outdoors. We have spacing dots on the floor that help students stay physically distanced.

In lunch, the students move in one direction.  They enter through one door and exit out a different door.  In the cafeteria all desks face forward.  Within a cohort, all desks are 6 feet apart in every direction.  In lunch there may be up to 3 cohorts eating at a time, however each cohort is spaced 14 feet in all directions from any other cohort.  

There is no recess attached to lunch.  If students go outside for a recess, it is with just their class.  During this time they may come within the 3 feet.  However, if they are within 3 feet of another student, they will be masked, will be outside and it will be in passing while playing around.  They are not allowed to congregate, face each other, and carry on conversations.

We are only allowing one student in the bathroom at a time.  All students have a sink in the classroom, along with hand sanitizer.  

In addition to keeping their bodies socially distanced, the number of sinks and hand sanitizer locations enable us to  have the kids keep their hands clean and  their faces masked up.

BUSES: New Schedule (beginning 1/11)

Group A:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday:  8:25-2:15

AM parent drop off:  8:15-8:25 - no change

AM bus pick ups:  no changes to current time

PM parent pick up:  2:15

PM bus return*:  Bus 66 - 40 minutes earlier, Bus 42 - 30-45 minutes earlier, Bus 47 & 51 - 45 minutes earlier, Bus 45 - 45-60 minutes earlier, Bus 32 - 40-60 minutes earlier 

*For more specific times, please connect with your driver at the bus stop this week.  

Wednesday - 9:25-2:15

AM parent drop off:  9:15-9:25

AM bus pick ups:  1 hour later than new time

PM parent pick up:  2:15

PM bus return:  see above

Group B:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday:  9:00-3:00

AM parent drop off:  9:00-9:10

AM bus pick ups*:  Bus 66 - 45-55 minutes later, Bus 42 - 45-55 minutes later, Bus 47 - 40-60 minutes later, Bus 51 - 45-50 minutes later, Bus 45 - 55-60 minutes later, Bus 32 - 55 minutes later

*For more specific times, please connect with your driver at the bus stop this week.  

PM parent pick up:  3:00

PM bus return:  no changes to current time

Wednesday - 10:00-3:00

AM parent drop off:  10:00-10:10

AM bus pick ups:  see above

PM parent pick up:  3:00

PM bus return:  no changes to current time

Ross Berkowitz

Principal,  Fisher-Mitchell School