colored pencil drawing of a cornucopia full of fruits and vegetabless

We have a lot going on in Art Class at FMS. Third Graders have been drawing their chickadees and finishing up their Thankful Paintings. Fourth Graders have been working on amazing turkey illustrations, some of them quite realistic while others are quite fantastic. Fifth Graders have been working on Observational Drawings of autumn leaves and inventing Cornucopias overflowing with things and symbols of their choosing. So many of these artworks have been amazing and should be recognized! It's very hard to choose one student to be recognized every rotation because you are all doing so well! This past rotation I saw a chickadee on a realistic evergreen tree, a fishing chickadee, a realistic tom turkey puffed up and showing his tail feathers by a young hunter who has just got his first birds from the woods, an amazing and dreamlike drawing of a hand made at home by a very thoughtful and skilled artist, and some very detailed observations of leaves. The one student I am choosing to recognize has impressed me many times. They have a  great attitude, aren't afraid to try new things in the art room, stay true to their vision, and always try their best, often taking their assignments back to finish at home, like they finished this awesome Cornucopia overflowing with traditional fruits and vegetables. There is much to like about this piece from the careful smudge/shading, to the overlapping of the vegetables, to the curly tail on the Cornucopia giving the piece a little something extra! Nice work RP in Mr. Thompson's Fifth Grade Class, Student Artist of the Rotation!