student drawing chickadee saying cheese burger

After Fisher Mitchell students elected the Chickadee as the "Best Thing in Maine" 3rd Grade students learned a little about this adorable bird in art class. Did you know that the chickadee stashes seeds in caches for winter food just like a squirrel stashes acorns? Did you know that a chickadee's body temperature can drop 10-15 degrees below normal on a cold winter night and it can then warm itself up in the morning? These are just a few of the facts that we learned about these cute little black capped birds that hang around all winter. I bet you would recognize the chickadee's call that sounds like it's name, but did you know they have other calls too? People who watch birds as a hobby, known as birders, describe one of their calls as sounding like they  are saying "cheeseburger"! 3rd graders have been working on some drawings of chickadees for the hallway. They are all coming out so good and they are all so different! One student made sure to keep their drawing a secret until the end of class. Then they surprised us all with their drawing of a chickadee holding a miniature cheeseburger, Congratulations JS in Mrs. Walsh's 3rd Grade Class Student Artist of the Rotation for 11/6/20.