Student art

Choosing the artist of the week is always a difficult task. I try to pick the student from the previous school week after assessing all the work and their behaviors. The art piece I am choosing to recognize this week was actually made a couple of weeks ago. This student is an English language learner, meaning that during the first part of their life they spoke a different language. A lot of us have had to move to a different school or could imagine having to. Can you imagine moving to a new school where you don't speak the language that is used in the school?

This student is usually quiet, but is always listening. A few weeks ago when 3rd Graders were experimenting mixing Secondary Colors he made this amazing artwork. Most students filled in approximately an equal amount of their puzzle pieces with their Secondary Colors. I love how this student used mostly dark purple and rich red oranges, and only sparkling bits of green. This abstract work makes me feel a sense of wonder and power. Nice work Gabriel Bustamante, student artist of the week.