Student Artist of the Week May 2

This week I am recognizing a 4th Grade student for having great success with their weaving project. In this case weaving includes threading yarn over and under the strings that cross our looms. Creating a full weaving takes a degree of skill of the hands, mastering some simple knots, and the perseverance to continue the repetitive motions until the piece is completed. Although challenging for some, many students in our 4th Grade have already completed multiple weavings.  The  young woman I am choosing to recognize this week has seemed much happier in art class lately. Ever since she made a really nice Asian Dragon she has smiled more, been more motivated to make quality work, and has interacted more with her classmates. She has been happy to help me and other students which has not always been the case. It is really nice to see, and I am very thankful to see her shine in this way. She is also on her 3rd weaving! Congratulations AB in Mrs. Towle's 4th Grade Class student artist of the week!

George McGinty, Art Teacher